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Our done-for-you dinner plan serves plant-based meals with options for everyone.

Dinner is


Get 12 months of done-for-you dinner plans. 


 Vegan DinnerClub 

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  • Vegan in a non vegan family and don't know what to cook to feed everyone with one meal? 


  • Stop being a short order cook with easy and delicious meal ideas with options to feed the whole family!


  • Get inspired with a week of dinners planned for you.

Here's what you get:

A taste of Vegan Dinner Club
Your free 1-week plan includes a slice of what our members get each week:
  • A done-for-you dinner plan—complete with an automated shopping list, so that you don’t have to think about what to serve your family this week 
  • 4 dinner recipes that give each family member the power of choice with adaptations for non-vegans
  • 4 recipes to prepare ahead to speed up dinner during the week
  • A done-for-you prep plan that streamlines your daily dinner prep so you don’t have to start from scratch with cooking every night 
  • Ingredient substitutions for each recipe
  • Options for non-vegans in your family so you can feed everyone with the same meal 


The recipes

Here's a look at a few of the recipes inside your free 1-week dinner plan
Creamy Pesto Rigatoni 

The sauces get prepped ahead so this is a quick and easy weeknight meal. The sun-dried tomatoes add a nice tangy-ness to the creamy flavor.

Lentil Bolognese Subs

Our twist on a meatball sub! This recipe couldn't be simpler - especially when you prep the filling on the weekend.

Orange-Ginger Tofu Sheet Pan Bowls

No prep is required for this Asian inspired one-pan meal - and clean up is just as simple. 

Vegan Chorizo & Potato Tacos

If Taco Tuesday isn't a thing in your home, let this recipe inspire you to make it one! These tacos are bursting with flavor.

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I’m Stephanie, a meal planning expert who specializes in plant-based cooking and feeding families with mixed dietary needs with the same meal.


After going vegan overnight more than a decade ago, I spent countless hours in the kitchen struggling to feed myself and my non vegan family. My plant-core meal ideas and signature meal prep system transformed my evenings and state of mind—get a taste of it with our free 1-week dinner plan.